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Caspia Indoor Rug- Black & Gray


With our Caspia Indoor Rug, add a mesmerizing touch to your décor. This handmade rug is ideal for dining and living areas.

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Our handwoven carpets and rugs are highly coveted pieces made by skilled artisans to add an elegant flair to interior spaces. The dirt-resistant and durability of our designer rugs make them ideal for dining areas in hotels, homes, and more. They are also suitable for children rooms which tend to get dirtier than adult bedrooms. These modern rugs are easy to clean and low on maintenance.

Know Your Weave:

A tufting gun with needles on the front is used in this weaving technique. This technique, unlike the hand-knotted one, saves time and money. It takes far less time than hand-knotting and produces carpets in a fraction of the time.
You can also customise this floor rug as per your requirement.

Quality: Tufted
Material: 100% 30C D.P. Wool Natural (Loop), Pattern – 30C D.P. Wool Natural (Loop)
Shape: Rectangle, Round, Runners, Square.
Colour: Black and Grey
Certificate of Origin: India

  • Spills should be cleaned up immediately to avoid becoming embedded in the rug.
  • Instead of rubbing stains, wipe them with a cloth to prevent them from setting in the fibres.
  • After cleaning, make sure all cleaning agents are thoroughly removed.
  • To absorb any leftover moisture after cleaning, use dry towels.
  • Always utilise trustworthy rug professionals when having rugs properly cleaned (particularly hand-made carpets).
To Know More About Rug Care, Click Here.


This weaving method is a little less time-consuming than hand-knotted weaving. A tufting gun with needles on the front is used in this weaving technique. The weaving procedure is made easier and faster using this instrument. This technique, unlike the hand knotted technique, saves time and money. It saves both money and time. Hand tufting takes far less time than hand knotting and produces carpets in a fraction of the time. This technique uses medium-to-low-quality materials and produces precise details of the carpets’ design patterns. The tufting gun allows for speedier output.

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