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Hand-knotted carpets are made using one of the most traditional and intriguing weaving processes in India. This weaving style was first observed in oriental regions and was later copied by Europeans. In a carpet factory, hand-knotted Indian carpets are created on specifically constructed looms. After deciding on a design for the rug, it is placed on the loom using this technique. On the loom, wraps are then created vertically. Weavers tie knots in the warps before cutting them and going on to the next knot. The weaver then lays the wefts in horizontal rows across the warps.

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This weaving method is a little less time-consuming than hand-knotted weaving. A tufting gun with needles on the front is used in this weaving technique. The weaving procedure is made easier and faster using this instrument. This technique, unlike the hand knotted technique, saves time and money. It saves both money and time. Hand tufting takes far less time than hand knotting and produces carpets in a fraction of the time. This technique uses medium-to-low-quality materials and produces precise details of the carpets’ design patterns. The tufting gun allows for speedier output.

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Handloom / Loom knotted weaving

This technique weaves cloth and tapestry using a device called a Loom, as the name implies. The wrap threads are gripped by the loom, allowing them to be interwoven. Fibers with a medium or low range, such as jacquard, are used.

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Flat weave

It is how flat weaving is done. Kilims are woven rugs that are flat and have a specified pile height. This weaving offers a narrower variety of flat weaves for interior use. Pile Kilims or Jute durries, for example, are utilised in areas where people are prone to stumbling. They are made of jacquard and may be finished in a few days.

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