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Handloom carpets are hand-knotted carpets in three different styles. It is an alteration of knots and wefts. Here the knots wrap around the warps. Handloom carpets are one of the most affordable types of rugs.

These rugs are made on a loom with a shuttle. It should be noted that these carpets are made with a loom that is vertical, and the process needs to be thorough to attain the best quality. The base of the carpet is made using a double set of intersecting threads. A separate single thread is used to tie down the fibre into place. They weave a row diagonally, in line with the previous row. Then it is hammered down to maintain tightness. Once the rod is hammered down, the weaver cuts the excess yarn, leaving the pile. This curious little technique slowly builds up into a Handloom carpet. Then the carpet is washed, for the excess thread and dust to be removed, the pile is trimmed to a certain desired length. Then the finishing touches are applied, which includes adding the label and the home care instructions with directions for use.

Materials like Wool, Viscose, Polyester, Linen, and Nylon are used depending on the order. Higher knot count equals superiority of the rug, which also means the rug is highly durable. This will of course affect the price point. Needless to say, handloom rugs are the more popular kind, as they are suitable for all locations and people are synonymous with this weave because of its repeated appearance of rug making in movies and documentaries.

Helpful Tip

They are simple to maintain and keep clean.


They last longer (20+) years and are able to withstand relatively rough usage.


This carpet needs a thorough cleaning. It is best if you dry clean these rugs. If you do wash, ensure it is soaked and the cleansing agent is completely removed or hire a professional to cleanse the carpet.

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