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Tufted rugs are formed by using a tool called a ‘tufting gun.’ They follow a completely different weaving technique by punching strands of silk or wool on a cloth canvas stretched on a metal frame. The frame is put in place according to whichever size rug is required. People often mistake tufted carpets for hand-knotted carpets. To determine the difference between hand-knotted and tufted carpets, look at their back. Unlike hand-knotted area rugs, tufted rugs have white latex canvas back with no trace of wool knots.

Latex is a sticky solution that dries down when applied to the back of tufted rugs to keep the wool fixed together.

These are stylish, budget-friendly, and affordable wool pile rugs. They go well with great interiors. They are perfect for areas with heavy traffic like hall entryways, living rooms, etc.

Helpful Tip

Because these rugs are placed in high traffic locations, like entryways and hallways, one of the drawbacks of tufted rugs is that they shed. The shedding lessens with periodic vacuuming over time. Remember -these rugs have a pile, meaning that the rug’s placement and the amount of foot traffic it gets can affect the amount of shedding.


These types of rugs are durable up to 5-10+ years.


We recommend that you vacuum tufted rugs rather than water wash. It is because of the latex used on the canvas, which may lead to loosening of the wool.

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