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Hand-knotted carpets are made using one of the most traditional and intriguing weaving processes in India. This weaving style was first observed in oriental regions and was later copied by Europeans. In a carpet factory, hand-knotted Indian carpets are created on specifically constructed looms. After deciding on a design for the rug, it is placed on the loom using this technique. On the loom, wraps are then created vertically. Weavers tie knots in the warps before cutting them and going on to the next knot. The weaver then lays the wefts in horizontal rows across the warps.

Hand-knotted wool rugs are also celebrity rugs as they are luxurious, royal-like, and the most expensive rug types. These rugs may take months to manufacture but they last generations because we use the same time-honored techniques employed by artisans for hundreds of years.

Various types of Persian rugs, hand-knotted, are a significant investment that gets more precious with time. The older they get, the more valuable they become. The cost is high because of the length of time, the physical effort, and the scarcity of laborers for developing these rugs.Another thing that adds to the real beauty of it is that no two hand-knotted rugs can be an exact duplicate. Why? It’s because they are not machine made and do not follow an automated regular sequential pattern of weaving. Instead, hand-knotted rugs are ‘human hand’ made.

Oriental rugs are the most expensive rugs out of all other types of rugs, and there are many types of oriental rugs made in India. They have more dense designs in them, and they are handmade as well as machine-made. Consider the one made in original silk and handpick them by visiting the rug store.We only use wool from high on the Tibetan plateau, wool so rich in natural lanolin that it is oily to touch. Our spinners, weavers and dyers handling it with reverence to retain its extraordinary properties

Helpful Tip

If you notice any fiber popping out on the rug’s surface, do not pull it. Pulling it can ruin the carpet. Instead, cut the thread with a pair of scissors. Popping out of a thread in a rug is a common issue with every hand-knotted rug.


Since hand knotted rugs are made from high quality materials like wool and silk, they last longer and are usually stain resistant. We would however advise to keep it in good condition with a little tlc to increase its shelf life. Its high shelf life makes it a perfect heirloom.


Since Hand knotted Rugs are generally expensive, we would advise that you get it professionally cleaned. If you are unable to hire professional help, then a basic hand wash with a light fabric detergent, and lukewarm water are used. Ensure that you dry the carpet thoroughly before re-use. Stay away from harsh cleaning agents as it might damage the carpets natural dyes and alter the composition.

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