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Our Story

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“Every Thread spins a tale”

ROYAL THREAD ARTSY BY HARSH is not like any other regular E-commerce website. We believe in not just selling products but selling an experience.

ROYAL THREAD ARTSY BY HARSH staunchly believed in telling a rug story. Our aim is to make the online rug shopping experience as seamless as possible and one of our biggest USPs is that we offer free shipping worldwide. We want to bring you closer to the source so you are able to appreciate the journey that each piece has been through.

We believe that if any business does not possess a unique differentiating factor, they need to re-analyze their business proposition.

The first and foremost rule that we abide by is “Transparency”. We ensure that there are no marked up prices or hidden costs.Each individual product tells a unique story that can be retold for many years to come.

Founder's Philosophy

“My signature methodology is a more comfortable take on contemporary luxury. I prefer surroundings with lots of natural elements and cosy additional for a more pronounced warmth and my plush carpets serve this purpose doubtlessly. The simple act of rug designing and the procedures it follows (like weaving and dyeing) to make something functional and magnificent is what keeps me going and brings me endless pleasure and contentment.”

– Ganga Harsh


‘Magic at Play’

To watch such art come to life, is to witness years of tradition unfold before your eyes. Our weavers continue to craft the rugs entirely by hand, using the very same techniques their ancestors did. It is imperative that such skill and technique continue to live on through the years and through these hands. Speaking of which, nature had provided the original weavers with exemplary raw materials, and now we harness the same for our pieces. Our raw materials are naturally luxurious and are handled with such reverence that they lose none of their extraordinary properties during the production process.

This ensures that every handmade piece is entirely individual. We’re obsessive about good design and are always striving to innovate and inspire. We understand the importance of service and our sales team not only have an expert understanding of the rugs but also how to best use and place them. They will go to great lengths to guide you through the rug buying process, helping you find the perfect piece.


‘Harnessing the Gifts of Nature’

Different yarns display different properties of strength, softness and lustre. Some are smooth and cool to the touch while others are sumptuously soft and warm. Beyond the more obvious charms of wool, silk and cotton we have explored the merits of such diverse fibres as bamboo, banana leaf, mohair, merino and alpaca. We have remained faithful to the natural materials, carefully preserving their inherent properties.

Once a yarn is chosen there are myriad ways in which it can be knotted and woven, twisted and looped to produce a handmade rug. These differing techniques produce a range of textural surfaces, from fine and flat to chunky and shaggy. Whilst the precise detail of weaving techniques is the stuff of academia, here follows a brief introduction to the basics.

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