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About Us

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Our History

We are a rug company situated in Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh, India. Established in 1998, we have been producing the highest quality hand knotted, hand tufted rugs, woollen, cotton, and jute durries at the most competitive pricing.
The RTA journey started since 2005 and has only been sustainable and opportunistic because we have been curiously learning all that we can do to assure designs that are current and of exceptional quality. We have come a long way since our inception, not just in terms of manufacturing and selling, but also in terms of building solid ties not only in India, but also in Western and European countries.

Founder's Philosophy

 “My signature methodology is a more comfortable take on contemporary luxury. I prefer surroundings with lots of natural elements and cosy additional for a more pronounced warmth and my plush carpets serve this purpose doubtlessly. The simple act of rug designing and the procedures it follows (like weaving and dyeing) to make something functional and magnificent is what keeps me going and brings me endless pleasure and contentment.”

– Ganga Harsh


There are numerous ways to produce a rug by hand, as well as numerous materials from which to pick. Some are blissfully soft and warm, while others are smooth and pleasant to the touch. We’ve stayed true to the natural materials, retaining their traits and qualities with care. From fine and flat to thick and neat, these techniques offer a variety of textured surfaces.

Our skilled artisans

Weaving carpets of unrivaled quality and beauty is possible because of India’s old and famous weaving history. ROYAL THREAD ARTSY BY HARSH aims to expand its presence and capture the global market while also empowering local weavers and craftsmen in the surrounding areas. We ensure that all our products are created in-house so that none of their unique features are lost during the manufacturing process.

Why Us

Durable rugs

Hand-woven rugs can be claimed to last longer than machine-made rugs.

Better quality

The process of making a knotted rug takes several months.

Textures and designs

Handmade rugs can be customised to fit a person's specific needs.

Secure Payments

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Easy Returns

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